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MTSO buys and sells new and used machine tools across the UK. We are MACH machine tools distributors and have more than 30 years' experience in the industry.
Cold Forged and Turned
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Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd. supplies a wide variety of precision, high quality cold forged and machined parts to the automotive industry. Using the latest in forging technology, we currently have the capacity to produce more than ten million cold forged parts per year. To provide additional value to our customers, we also have the capability to provide finished, machined parts, or semi-machined parts, after the cold forging process.
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Address: 5300 N Braeswood Blvd Ste 4 #5066 Houston 77096 / Phone: +17134898699
Professional OEM Manufacturer Forging Loudspeaker Parts Back Plates and Pot Yokes made in Taiwan
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Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializing in manufacturing & designing cold forge U-Yoke and Pole piece (T-Yoke) for Loud-Speaker and alarms raw driver in Taiwan and Malaysia. We offer a complete range of Pole piece (T-Yoke) uses in Home speaker, P.A. Speaker, Car speaker, Hi-Fi speaker, Sub-woofer,Car alarms and U-Yokes uses in raw Neodymium (NdFeB) speaker, tweeter etc.