2 in 1 Tin Can Filling And Sealing Machine

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Tin Can Filling Sealing Machine Manufacturer: Full Automatic Tin Can Filling & Sealing Machines, Stainless Steel, Filling and Capping, 2 in 1.
2 in 1 Tin Can Filling And Sealing Machine1. Filling and capping 2 in 12. Full automatic3. Materials: stainless steel4. Easy operation and maintaince5. CE, SGS, ISO 9001The tin can filling and sealing machine is used in the can filling and seaming for beer and carbonated drinks. The filling and seaming are designed in one body. The power of the filling system is provided by the seaming system to assure synchronization and harmony. It is the latest equipment made on the basis of advanced technology of beer and carbonated drinks. Adopt the advanced mechanism, electronic components and pneumatic control technology, the filling speed is fast, and the liquid level is stable. The seaming quality is good, and the machine runs smoothly. The appearance is beautiful, and operation and maintenance are easy to carry out. The production speed applies frequency conversion.